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Hassnar’s Health Care Products are basically natural dietary supplements and rejuvenates to meet the nutritional needs of people of different age groups and sex.

“These Ayurvedic Super Foods not only ward off the ill effects of deficiency but also vitalize and boost our immune system, helping the body to prevent illness before it manifests as disease.”

About Our Leather
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While formulating our Personal & Skin Care range, we have not only tried to uphold our traditional Ayurvedic wisdom where cleansing, nourishing and protecting are the key factors, but also have taken into account the pollution and variable climate.

The focus today is shifting to promoting and leading a healthy lifestyle, in this pursuit many have begun to avoid synthetics, be it in food or clothing, and adopt natural ingredients, which boost immunity, improve bodily functions and maintain overall good health. Here the use of natural herbs will be of great boon. In our traditional system of medicine “Ayurved”, these herbs have been used for thousands of years. Now modern science is validating their usefulness, the best part is freedom from side effects.

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