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The focus today is shifting to promoting and leading a healthy lifestyle, in this pursuit many have begun to avoid synthetics, be it in food or clothing, and adopt natural ingredients, which boost immunity, improve bodily functions and maintain overall good health. Here the use of natural herbs will be of great boon. In our traditional system of medicine “Ayurved”, these herbs have been used for thousands of years. Now modern science is validating their usefulness, the best part is freedom from side effects.

Herbal supplements nowadays are gaining popularity world-over and Hassnar research has introduced a unique concept for the first time by launching single Herbal supplements online in India, which combines the virtues of both raw herb and concentrated herb extract. For example, our Pueraria 500 mg Capsules, used for Growth & Enhancement, combine the virtues of both Pueraria raw herb 300 mg & Pueraria extract 200 mg (Standardized extract from 3.6 gm of Pueraria raw powder, extract ratio 18:1). We also add Black pepper extract in our supplements, Black pepper as per modern scientific research increases the bioavalibality of herb many times resulting in multifold absorption by the body and produces more effective results. 

Thus our herbal supplements offer more dosage in capsule and this makes them more potent and effective when compared with other similar herbal supplements.


The research is on and you may soon experience the benefit of many more personal care products.

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