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                                       Personal Care Products for overall beauty

While formulating our Personal & Skin Care range, we have not only tried to uphold our traditional Ayurvedic wisdom where cleansing, nourishing and protecting are the key factors, but also have taken into account the pollution and variable climate.

In the personal care range VEGCARE is the 1st vaginal antiseptic, which also takes care of another very important aspect “Laxity of vaginal muscles”, improving vaginal tone and elasticity.

Since the ancient times, Breasts have been and shall always remain one of the basic parameters of feminine beauty. Therefore for women, sagging or underdeveloped breasts, both may result in inferiority complex and unhappiness. To overcome this problem Hassnar Research Group formulated “BRESTONE CREAM & CAPSULE” the Ayurvedic way of breast contouring i.e. developing, firming, toning and uplifting. We are first Indian manufacturer to offer 60 days money back guarantee on 90 day course of BRESTONE Cream & Capsule.

The research is on and you may soon experience the benefit of many more personal care products.

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