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Hassnar’s Health Care Products are basically natural dietary supplements and rejuvenates to meet the nutritional needs of people of different age groups and sex.

“These Ayurvedic Super Foods not only ward off the ill effects of deficiency but also vitalize and boost our immune system, helping the body to prevent illness before it manifests as disease.”

Hassnar Research Group has developed many unique healthcare products for the first time in India, like our memory booster “BRAHMI-PLUS” which is the only product having both types of Brahmi’s (Bacopa & Centella). Which along with their complementary herbs increases blood and antioxidant supply to all brain regions, improving intelligence, power of concentration, memory, and capacity to take the additional mental load. All the herbs used in our anti-diabetic product “DIABETEGON” which helps in maintaining healthy sugar levels and “KOLESTREX” for cholesterol control are being scientifically validated by modern research for their effectiveness.

The research is on and you may soon experience the benefit of many more healthcare products.

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