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Hassnar’s Tribulus terrestris / GOKHRU / GOKSHURA Capsule

In Ayurveda Gokhru / Gokshura has been used in treating diseases of the genito-urinary system, urinary disorders, kidney diseases, as a diuretic, aphrodisiac and in treating low sperm count. Gokhru (Small Caltrops / Tribulus terrestris) increases the level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the body. Luteinizing hormone stimulates the secretion of sex hormones in both males and females. In males it promotes the secretion of higher amount of testosterone and in females the ovaries are stimulated by LH and in turn secrete more estrogen.

In 1980s due to its natural testosterone boosting and regulating properties, Gokhru / Tribulus terrestris became popular among Bulgarian athletes and bodybuilders to naturally increase their athletic capacities, muscle mass and to quickly repair muscle wear and tear after workout and training. This popularized Tribulus to gain reputation as an anabolic plant in Europe and America.


Gokhru Benefits:

Unlike other Gokhru / Tribulus capsules which are only of  250 or 350 mg and contain either raw Gokhru powder or extract, Hassnar’s Tribulus (GOKHRU) Capsules are of 500 mg and contain Tribulus Extract containing 60% Steroidal Saponins, fortified with Black Pepper Extract for increased bioavailability  and multi-fold absorption by the body.

Available in 
Capsule pack of 90

Suggested Dose:
Two capsules once or twice a day half an hour before meals or as suggested by healthcare professional.

Natural Products provide gradual but long lasting results. Allow several weeks for full therapeutic benefits.


Hassnar’s Tribulus terrestris / GOKHRU / GOKSHURA Capsule

Each 500 mg capsule contains:

Tribulus terrestris (Gokhru) fruit extract – 500 mg
(Standardized Tribulus terrestris fruit extract containing 60% Steroidal saponin)
Black pepper Extract  10 mg
(Pipper nigrum Extract)

Available in 
Capsule pack of 90

Suggested Dose:
Two capsules once or twice a day half an hour before meals or as suggested by healthcare professional.

Natural Products provide gradual but long lasting results. Allow several weeks for full therapeutic benefits.


Tribulus terrestris (Gokhru):

Following research shows the usefulness of Tribulus against urolithiasis (The process of formation of urinary stone in Kidney, bladder and urinary tract).

International Brazilian Journal of Urology. 2010 Jul-Aug;36(4):480-8; discussion 488, 489.

Diminution of oxalate induced renal tubular epithelial cell injury and inhibition of calcium oxalate crystallization in vitro by aqueous extract of Tribulus terrestris.

Aggarwal A1, Tandon S, Singla SK, Tandon C.


The current data suggests that Tribulus terrestris extract not only has a potential to inhibit nucleation and the growth of the CaOx crystals but also has a cytoprotective role. Our results indicate that it could be a potential candidate for phytotherapy against urolithiasis.

As per following research Gokhru increases fertility in men with oligozoospermia ie low sperm count (called Kshina Shukra in Ayurved).

Ayu. 2012 Jul;33(3):356-64. doi: 10.4103/0974-8520.108822.

Clinical study of Tribulus terrestris Linn. in Oligozoospermia: A double blind study.

Sellandi TM1, Thakar AB, Baghel MS.


The Gokshura granules have shown superior results in the management of Kshina Shukra, as compared to the placebo granules.

As per following Korean research Gokhru (Tribulus) improves erectile dysfunction.

Korean Journal of Urology 2013 Mar;54(3):183-8.

Effects and Mechanism of Action of a Tribulus terrestris Extract on Penile Erection.

Do J1, Choi S, Choi J, Hyun JS.


The T. terrestris extract induced concentration-dependent relaxation of the CC in an organ bath. The mechanism included a reaction involving the nitric oxide/nitric oxide synthase pathway and endothelium of the CC. Moreover, in an in vivo study, the T. terrestris extract showed a significant concentration-dependent increase in ICP. Accordingly, the T. terrestris extract may improve erectile function.

Following research conducted at AIIMS Delhi and in Brazil validates the traditional use of Gokhru (Tribulus terrestris) as sex enhancer in both males & females.

Journal of Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics 2012 Jan;3(1):43-7.

Evaluation of the aphrodisiac activity of Tribulus terrestris Linn. in sexually sluggish male albino rats.

Singh S1, Nair V, Gupta YK.

Department of Pharmacology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi 110 029, India.


Findings of the present study validate the traditional use of T. terrestris as a sexual enhancer in the management of sexual dysfunction in males.

Clinical Medicine Insights Womens Health. 2014 Dec 22;7:45-50.

Clinical Assessment of Tribulus terrestris Extract in the Treatment of Female Sexual Dysfunction.

Gama CR1, Lasmar R2, Gama GF3, Abreu CS4, Nunes CP5, Geller M6, Oliveira L7, Santos A8.


Based on the results, it is concluded that the T. terrestris extract is safe and effective in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction.

Following research shows potent antioxidant properties of Tribulus terrestris extract.

Journal Pharmaceutical Biology Volume 45, 2007 – Issue 8

Tribulus terrestris. Fruit Extract Protects Against Oxidative Stress-Induced ApoptosisTribulus terrestris. Fruit Extract Protects Against Oxidative Stress-Induced Apoptosis

Ruchi Pandey,Bhavani S. Shankar &Krishna B. Sainis


Historically, the fruit of Tribulus terrestris. Linn. (Zygophyllaceae) has been used in India and China as a constituent of rejuvenation tonics……………………………………We conclude that TTE (aqueous extract of Tribulus terrestris. fruit) attenuates oxidative stress and protects cells from lethal oxidant damage, and thus its therapeutic potential in treating many ailments may relate to its antioxidant properties.


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