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The science to increase sexual power and to maintain it for prolonged period is termed as “VAJIKARAN” in Ayurved.

Based on Vajikaran therapy, Hassnar formulated ‘KAMTONE Cream’, an invigorating penis massage cream for men of all constitution and age. Formulated with proprietary blend of herbs, KAMTONE Cream is easily absorbed by the skin and moves directly into genital cells, supporting the erectile tissues to provide stronger, harder erection and reduces premature ejaculation.

KAMTONE Cream is also used for penis enlargement (Minimum course of 5 to 6 months, depending on the age and constitution of the user).


Increases Blood Flow to the Erectile Tissue.
Gives Strength to Erectile Muscles.
Stronger, Firmer Erection.
Helps in Prevention of PE. & ED.
Also used for enlargement.


KAMTONE Cream contains:

Celastrus paniculata, Myristica fragrans, Cinnamomum, Withania somnifera, Asparagus racemosus, Oil of Jasmin each 5%, Myrtus caryophyllus, Anacyclus pyrethrum each 2.5%, Crocus saivus .05%, Olive oil & Cream base Q.S..

Available in:
Cream Pack of 30 gm

Direction for use:
Massage twice a day for 5 minutes or till the cream is fully absorbed. If feel stimulated, stop for a while and then restart. Uninterrupted use of KAMTONE Cream for 45 days gives good results. For increase duration of hard erection use KAMTONE Cream regularly.

For Penis enlargement both KAMTONE Cream & Capsules are used. The minimum course is for 5 to 6 months depending on the age and constitution of the user. One tube of KAMTONE Cream lasts for 15 days.

Natural Products provide gradual but long lasting results. Allow several weeks for full therapeutic benefits.



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