Libido Supplement Female

For increase in libido – Sex supplement female
Sexual drive or the libido of a woman is driven by the secretions of hormones in her body. Different stages in her life show the increase or decrease of libido. When she is in her prime reproduction stage, her libido is the highest. When she hits menopause, the hormone production decreases, leading to the lack of libido in a woman.
Sex supplement female for overall physical health
But several external factors can also contribute to the lack of sexual drive in a woman. Work related stress, disputes within the family, medication, surgery, lifestyle changes, all these factors can cause a dip in hormone production.
Herbs that increase the drive
To help the increase in this hormone production, ashwagandha, shatavari, gokhru, maidenhair, methi, and other herbs can be helpful. The intake of these herbs can help restore the hormonal imbalance and increase the libido in a woman.

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