BRESTONE 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are confident about the quality and efficacy of our product hence we offer ‘60 day money back guarantee’ (We are the first Breast Cream & Capsule manufacturer in India to offer such guarantee). Place your order for “90 days Course of BRESTONE Cream & Capsule” right now and try it out for 8 whole weeks. If you are not satisfied with the results for any reason during this period or you decide it’s not right for you, then we’ll refund money. Before requesting for refund the following conditions need to be met:

60 day-min

Use the product as directed.
For example:
Using three month’s worth of BRESTONE Cream & Capsule in few weeks i.e. lesser duration voids the guarantee.

You must use BRESTONE Cream & Capsule as per the instructions for a minimum period of 8 weeks, because your body takes time to react and to show the true benefits of BRESTONE Cream & Capsule.

You must request the refund within 2 months (60 days) of purchasing BRESTONE Cream & Capsule and return everything (including the used cream and capsule containers) to us within 2 months (60 days) of the product receipt date. We will only proceed with the refund if you have not seen any benefit, since using BRESTONE Cream & Capsule.

You must email us at our E-mail id, stating the reasons why you want refund. You must get our consent before sending back the refund product to us. If you do not get our consent before sending back the product, we reserve the right to reject your delivery or issue you with a partial refund. Upon passing the 60 days warranty, we reserve the right of not refunding to you. You must return all units including one free BRESTONE Cream and BRESTONE Capsule pack ie total unused four packs (2 containers each of BRESTONE Cream and Capsule) and 4 empty BRESTONE containers, to qualify for a refund.

For refunds, we require the product returned in its original packing and form, even though opened and used. In any instance, please do not open more than 2 units of BRESTONE Cream & Capsule to fulfill the minimum 8 weeks of usage. We strongly suggest that you send your parcel to us using a COURIER service which tracks the delivery of your parcel. We cannot be held responsible for any undelivered packages

Please Note: A processing fee of Rs 1,200.00/- will be deducted to cover courier, packing, handling and administrative charges.

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